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Seeking area residents
interested in having an on-site, professional review of their
private wells. This service is grant funded by the USEPA.
It is free and is confidential. Many times well owners are
unaware of the possible causes of contamination in their wells. Older wells may not be sealed properly near the surface or their source of water may be shallow and influenced by things like feedlots, septic
systems, or nearby land uses. Many things at or near the
surface could impact the water quality of a well.
This assessment provides you a comprehensive evaluation of the possible causes of
contamination at or near your well to help you understand what possible risks and
vulnerabilities you should be aware of that might impact your drinking water. The assessment considers site conditions,
geology, land use practices, well construction, and
maintenance to provide you with a detailed list of things,
if any, that could impact your well water quality. The results will provide you a list of
possible concerns, if any are found, and recommendations and best practices that will help you keep your well and your family safe from well

Contact Jim Starbard at
(978) 502-0227
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