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Monty Tech Bus Routes
(Monty Tech begins classes Aug. 31)
6:20/6:25: Otter River Road & Russell Farm Road, Otter River Road & Baldwinville Road, Baldwinville Road & Mill Glen Road, Baldwinville Road & Town Farm Road, Baldwinville Road & Hitchcock Road, Baldwinville Road & Hale Street, High Street & Benjamin Street, Central Street & Pond Street, Central Street & Goodrich Street, Elmwood Road & Willoughby Avenue, Woodlawn Street & Goodrich Street, Woodlawn Street & Maple Street, Maple Street & Lakeshore Drive (#1), Maple Street & Lakeshore Drive (#2), Lakeview Drive & Beachview Drive, Lakeview Drive & Monomanac Road West, Monomonac Road West & Island Road, Monomonac Road West & Glenallan Street, Glenallan Street & Maple Street, Glenallan Sreett & Tolman Road, 44 Glenallan Street: To Monty Tech

Rte-11 Winchendon
6:15/6:20: Baldwinville State Road & Stoddard Road; Baldwinville State Road & Mill Glen Road, Baldwinville State Road & Alger Street; 148 Baldwinville State Road, Baldwinville State Road & Main Street, Main Street & Sibley Road; River Street & Brooks Road, Brooks Road & Royalston Road North, 101 Royalston Road North; Royalston Road North & Bosworth Road, Royalston Road North & Brown Street; Royalston Road North & West Street, West Street & Harrisville Circle, School Street & Robbins Road; School Street & Pearl Street, Pearl Street & Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Avenue & Grove Street, Lincoln Avenue & Front Street; Ash Street & Hall Road, Ash Street & Toy Town Lane, Ash Street & Cross Road: To Monty Tech.

RTE – 11A Winchendon
6:15/6:20: Main Street & Alger Street, Spring Street & Beech Street, Spring Street & Cross Street, Spring Street & Hall Road, Gardner Road & Teel Road, Gardner Road & Raymond Road, 142 Gardner Road, Matthews Street & Boulder Drive, Central Street & Chestnut Street, Pearl Street & Westford Street, Pearl Street & Lawrence Street, Pearl Street & Ridgewood Lane, Pearl Street & Chapel Street, Pearl Street & Pearly Lane, Pearl Street & Hosley Road: To Monty Tech

Rte 6A-Royalston
5:45: Athol Richmond Road (Rte 32) & Tully Road, 167 Warwick Road, At The Common, 62 North Fitzwilliam Road, 185 North Fitzwilliam Road, Stone Road & Deland, Stone Road & Winchendon Road, Norcross & Winchendon, Norcross Road & Neale Place, Main Road & Baldwinville Road (Country Store), Phillipston Road & Baldwinville, to MontyTech

Rte-2 - Petersham, Phillipston
5:45 New Sherborn Road, New Sherborn Road & Riceville Road, New Sherborn Road & Monson Turnpike left on New Salem Road, West Street & Rte #22, Hardwick Road right Hardwick Road, Hardwick Road return Hardwick Road right on to Rte 122A left onto Rte 32, General Store continue to East Road, East Road & Narrow Lane turn back to East Road right on Brooks Road right onto Rt 101 continue to Barre Road, end of Reily Switch Road, along Barre Road left onto State Road, King Phillip Restaurant continue along State Road left on Blake Corner Road, Blake Corner Road & Highland Avenue proceed to Highland Avenue left on State Road right on Highland Avenue, continue to Five Corners to Royalston Road, Take right onto Royalston Road, along Royalston Road, corner of Lovell Rd and Royalston Road, Continue to Rt 2A to Monty Tech.

Rte-13- Templeton-Gardner
6:05/6:10–Templeton–Patriots Road &Lamb City Road, Patriots Road & Old Athol Road,
Patriots Road & Brooks Village Road, Patriots Road & Willow Trailer Park, Dudley Road & Barre Road, Barre Road & Hubbardston Line (T/A) Barre Road & Gray Road, Gray Road & Farnsworth Road, Farnsworth Road & South Road, South Road & Cook Pond Estates, South Road & Grandview Terrace, Baldwinville Road & Baptist Common Road, Baptist Common Road & Lord Road, Lord Road & Otter River Road, Otter River Road & Baldwinville Road, Patriots Road & Hubbardston Road, Hubbardston Road & Laurel View Road,
Hubbardston Road @ Cook Pond Estates, Hubbardston Road & Cross Road, South Main Street & Pail Factory Road, Pail Factory Road & Shady Lane, South Main Street & Patriots Road, To Monty Tech

RTE-6--Hubbardston Templeton-Gardner-Hubbardston
6:17: 184 Gardner Road, 204 Gardner Road, Dogwood Road North & Gardner Road, Dogwood Road South & Gardner Road, Cross Road & New Templeton Road, Ragged Hill Road & Cross Road, Birches Rd & New Templeton Road, Templeton 6:40: Main Street & Baldwinville Road, American Legion Post, Highland Avenue & State Road, Main Street & State Road, Hamlet Mill Road & Main Street, State Road & Hamlet Mill Road, Gardner 6:55: Brookside Drive & Clark Street, West Street & Ryan Street, Keyes Road & West Street.

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