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Bay Path #1 Auburn 8-6-10
Start p/u @ 6:30 on Rte. 20 East Auburn at South St.
Pick up corners of Coolidge St and Elm St, right on Millbury St, Left on Montclair Drive, right on Rte 20, Left on Greenwood St, Left on Spoffard Road, Left on Wallingford, turnaround and return to right on Greenwood, pick up at Rydberg Terrace, right on Rte 20, right on School, right on South St, right on Central St, left on Church St, left on Rte 12, right on Water St, right on Oxford St, Left on Leicester St, left on Bryn Mawr Ave., left on Elbridge Rd, right on Sherman Ave, right on Warren Rd, turns into Bryn Mawr Ave, left on Oxford St. North, follow to intersection of Oxford St and Pinehurst Ave….turnaround, right on Rochdale St, pick up at corners of Zabelle Ave., Burnette St., and Ashworth St, left on Rte 56 pick up corner of Pleasant Ct, right on Rte 20, left on Old Worcester Rd (pick up #8 Old Worc. Rd.) left on Morton Station Rd., right on Muggett Hill Rd, to school.

#2 Auburn 7-22-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 Rte 20 East Auburn at “Ronnies,” right on Oxford St. (South), left on Cedar St, left on South St, right on Rte 20, left on Millbury St, right on Packachoag St, left on Jerome Ave, left on Southbridge St, right on Sword St, right on Woodland Rd, left on Boyce St, left on Rockland Rd, left on Auburn St., stop at 1 Stop Convenience store, right on Southbridge St., stopping at Shaws Plaza and Waterman Rd, left on Prospect St, right on Appleton Rd, left on Rte 20 picking up at Tinker Hill Rd, pick up at Thayer Pond Road in North Oxford, left on Rte 56, right on Rte. 12 North Main St, p/u corner of Rte 56 and Rte 12, #680 Main St, right on Clara Barton Rd, straight on McKintrye Rd, turns into Turner Rd in Charlton to school.

Bay Path #3 Southbridge 8-6-10
Start p/u a@ 6:45 at Senior Center on Larochelle Way then to the corner of Main St and Cross St (Pete’s Spa) to Big Bunny Market, stop on Old Sturbridge Rd, stop at the corner of Red Oak Lane, right onto Roosevelt Dr., left onto Idlewood, stop at the corner of Idlewood and Glenwood, proceed down Glenwood, right onto Old Sturbridge Rd, left onto West Main Street, left on Pleasant St, stop at the corner of River St, continue to pick-up along Pleasant St., right on Airport Rd, Right on Clemence Hill Rd, stops along the way to stop at corner of Paige Hill and Cliff St. And Paige and Twinehurst, pick up along Worcester St (3’s 269 +) to school.

Bay Bath #4 Oxford 8-6-10
Start p/u at 6:30 on Rte 12 (Main St. South) at Barton St., (Walnut to walk out), right on Clover St., p/u corner of Locust, left on Locust St, pick up corners of Aspen St., Holly St, left on Holly St., pick up at Vine St and Holly St, left on Bounty, travel to Main St (Rte 12), right on Main St, p/u at corners of Sunset Ave., p/u Harwood St (Bacon St and Nelson to walkout). Mayfair Circle, continue to Webster turnaround head North on Rte 12 pick up at Pinehurst Drive p/u at Old Cudworth Rd, right on Holbrook Rd., p/u corners of George St., Mount Pleasant and Fort Hill Rd, left on Huguenot Rd., p/u corner of Russell Lane, right on Main St., right on Sutton Ave, right on Lovett Rd., right on Sacarrappa Rd. turnaround at Birch Point Shores and return to right on Sutton Ave to School.

Bay Path #5 8-6-10
Start p/u at c/o Water and Main (Gazebo) left on Church St, right on Forest St, Left on Page Lane, Right on Rocky Hill Rd, Left on main St. Right on Depot Rd, Right on Mullbury Rd, Right on Old Millbury Rd, Right on Federal Hill Rd, Left on Hudson Rd, Right on Danan Rd, Left on Main St, Right on Charlton St, (if students from Conlin Road need a ride, they’ll call and it would be right on Conlin Rd. t/a/, right on Charlton Rd to School

Bay Path #6 Paxton-Spencer 7-23-10
Start picking up @ 6:05 a.m. at Crystal Street and Pleasant Street, Paxton, left on Rte 122, pick up corners of Lincoln Circle, Briarcliff La and Asnebumskit Rd, right on Grove Street p/u Holden Road, left on Streeter Road, left on Rte 56, bear right at split in Paxton Center, right on Pleasant St Rte 122, pick up at corners of Brooks Rd, Turkey Hill Rd., left on Pleasantdale Road which turns into Rockland Road in Paxton and Barclay Road in Spencer, left on Nanigian Rd, left on West St (Rte 31), right on Suomi St, p/u at corner of Suomi St and Rte 31, pick up corner of Suomi and Marshall St, right on Marshall St, pick up Lake Shore Drive, left on Rte 31, p/u corners of Browning Rd, North Brookfield Rd, Wire Village Rd and Pleasant St., right on Rte 9, left on Rte 49, left on Brookfield Rd, to school.

Bay Path #6A Charlton 8-5-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 a.m. at corner of Muggett Hill Rd and Old Muggett Hill Rd, Main St, end, right on Main St p/u Meadowview, left on H. Putnam Road Ext, left on Trolley Crossing Road, right on Masonic Hill Road, left on Route 20, right on Stafford St. p/u along Stafford St, left on Cemetary Road, turnaround at Gould Road, Return to left on Stafford Street, turnaround at Whitby Road, right on Tucker Road, right on Smith Road, turnaround at Wakefield Rd, right on Stafford St p/u along Stafford St., left on Hammond Hill Road, right on Carroll Hill Rd, left on Hanson Road, left on Murphy Lane, right on Carroll Hill Road, right on Hammond Hill Road, left on Oxbow Road, right on Glenmere Road, right on Worcester Road (Rte 20), left on Richardson’s Corner Road to School.

Bay Path #7 Webster-Oxford 8-6-10
Start picking up @ 6:30 a.m. on Thompson Rd, left on Sand Damn Rd, pick up Kenneth Ave and Indian Lane, return to, right on Thompson Rd, p/u Birch Dr, right on Gore Rd., p/u Killdeer Island Rd, right on Lower Gore Rd, pick up at c/o., Community Rd, Cardin Rd and Scenic Rd, (2nd entrance), Pebble Beach Rd, Right on Lakeside Ave., left on Mohawk Ave., right on Lakeside Ave, right on Lower Gore Rd, left on Upper Gore Rd, to Lower Gore Rd, right on Rte 16 picking up at Old Douglas Rd., turnaround ad return, right on Sutton Rd., continue into Oxford to Joe Jenny Rd in Oxford, right on Sutton Ave, right on Douglas Rd return to Sutton Ave., p/u Orchard Hill Dr, straight to Charlton St (no pick ups), straight to Oxford Rd in Charlton, Pick up Oakwood Terrace and along Oxford Rd to school.

IMPORTANT: The only bus picking up at Webster Town Hall will be #8
No other bus will be stopping there
Bay Path #8 Webster-Oxford-Charlton 8-2-10
Start picking up @ 6:30 a.m. at town Hall in Webster, right on Rte 12 picking up at Cody St., right on Paradise Lane, Right on Second Island Rd, Right on Park Ave., right on East Main St. pick up at Burger King, left on Rte 12 @ Cranston Print p/u @ Hartley St., left on Old Worcester Rd, Left on Bigelow Rd., to Riverside Dr and Genevieve La., left on N. Main St. pick up @ Village Apts and Church St., left on E. Main St. p/u @ Granite St., left on Slater St. p/u Crystal St, right on N. Main St., right on Cemetery Rd, right on Oxford Ave. (turns into Old Webster Rd). left on Dudley Rd., pick up at Larnerd Rd, turnaround at Piasta Rd, return to Left on Henry Marsh Rd, right on Sullivan Blvd., left on Old Southbridge Rd, left on Whiting Rd., right on Bonnieview Rd. right on Klondike Rd., right on Potter Village Rd., left on Whiting to Gale Rd. right on Dolge Ct., right on Old Webster Road to Country Lane T/a left on Old Webster, travel to left on A.F. Putnam Rd., straight across to Colburn p/u Leland Drive, Willis Dr, to walk out to Colburn Rd., Faith and Robert’s Blvd., to walk out to Colburn Rd, right on Bond Rd to School.

Bay Path Bus #9 Webster-Dudley-Charlton 8-6-09
Start p/u at 6:45 a.m. on School Street Webster, turnaround near Perryville and Ash St, right on Klebart Ave, left on Lake Street, travel to Chase Ave in Dudley, right on Brandon Road #6, right on Schofield Ave # 1-37, straight to Village St., pick up Flaxfield Rd, straight on Mill St left on Charlton Road, left on Pier Point straight on Lelandville Rd (#7), right on Partridge Hill Road to School.

Bay Path #10 Dudley-Charlton 8-6-10
Start picking up at 6:50 a.m. at corner of Koebke Road and Rte 31 in Dudley, left on Dresser Hill Road #2, left on Baker Pond Road, right on Ramshorn Road, right on Center Road, right on Center Road, left on Dudley Hill Road, left on Airport Road pickung up along the way and at Cumberland Farms (Aldea Drive), right on Westmain St., picking up at PNA Club, right on Hall Road, Straight on Dudley Hill Road, right on Center Road, left on Ramshorn Road, right on Corbin Road, right on Ramshorn Road pick up along the way and at: Lincoln Point Road, Haggerty Road, straight on Freeman Road, to school (arriving approx. 7:20). P.M. run done the same way.

Bay Bath #11 North Brookfield-East Brookfield 7-22-10
Start p/u at 6:10 a.m. on Harrington Road, East Brookfield, turns into Shore Road in N Brookfield Shore Road, left on Green Rd, right on Shore Rd, turns into Brickyard Rd, left on Bullard Rd, right on East Brookfield Rd, (turns into Gilbert St) (also called Rte 67 as it joins South Main St near center of town). Right on school St, left on Grove St., straight on North Main St, right on Rte 148 (Oakham Rd), right on Crook’s Crossroad, left on Crook’s Road, right on Oakham Rd, turnaround at Barnes Road return South on Rte 148, right on Rte 67 (New Braintree Rd) turnaround at Stoddard Rd return down Rte 67 pick up at Mill St, right at Fork onto North Main St, pick up Cumberland Farms in center of town, right on Summer St, left on Bigelow St. left o Smith Hanson Rd, stay right at fork in the road, turns into Hunt Rd. in West Brookfield, left on Rte 67, right on Donavan Rd, left on Walker Rd, right on Rte 67, right on Ward St, right on East Brookfield Rd, pick up c/o Slab City Rd, pick up c/o Knox trail, left on Rte 9, pick up across from Ford Dealership, pick up c/o Harrington Rd, right on Rte 49, left on Podunk Rd. turns into Brookfield Road in Charlton to School.

Bay Path #12 Southbridge-Dudley-Charlton 8-6-10
Start picking up at 6:30 a.m. on Southbridge Road, in Dudley right on Old Southbridge Road, pick up, Filo Ave., Peck Ave and Duval Road, right on Robert’s Road to turnaround at Cortis Road, right on Old Southbridge Road (Jean St to walk out to Cortis Road, straight on Route 131, bear left on Route 197 turnaround at Mack’s Place at corner of Center Road, pick up Dave’s Way, right on Dresser Hill Road, left on Mill Road, right on Dudley-Southbridge Road, continue on Ashland Ave in Southbridge, pick up at: Old Dudley Road, Red Fox Blvd, Tillyer Ave, travel to Hamilton Street, right on Cross Street, right on Crane Street, travel to Charlton Street (#’s 144 +) FIRST STOP NEAR CHARLTON STREET SCHOOL WHICH TURNS INTO HARRINGTON ROAD IN CHARLTON, right on Carpenter Hill Road, right on T. Hall Road, left on Burlingame Road, right on Main Street to School.

Bay Path #14 Southbridge-Charlton 8-6-10
Start picking up at 6:35 a.m. at the intersection of dresser Hill Road and Dudley Southbridge Road in Dudley, right on Dudley-Southbridge Road, left on West Dudley Road turnaround at Intervale Road, return to left on Dudley-Southbridge Road picking up Sylvestri Road, travel to Everett St., p/u along the way, travel to left on Eastford Rd, t/a at Dennison Dr, return to e
Elm St, p/u at A1 Mart and Town Hall, right on Main St., picking up Coombs St and Chestnut St., travel to Charlton St (no pick ups) straight on Guelphwood Rd in to Charlton, left on Burlingame Road, bear left on Prindle Hill Road, p/u Pumpkin Lane-Oakridge Drive, right on T. Hall Road, left on Burlingame Road to school.

Bay Path #15 Charlton-Southbridge 8-2-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 a.m. on Blood Rd, Charlton straight on Saundersdale Rd p/u Piehl Drive to Dresser Hill Rd in Southbridge, right over bridge, right on East Main St., left on Morris St., turns into Brentwood Dr., left on Lebanon Hill Dr, right on Alphine Dive p/u $483, left on Old English Neighborhood Road in Connecticut, left on Lebanon Hill Road pick up at Trailside Way, Stonybrook Drive and Hilltop Drive to walk out to Lebanon Hill, Travel to Ellis Rd, left on Reynold’s Rd, right on Prince Rd t/a return to right on Reynold’s Rd to Saundersdale Rd., pick up at King Road, straight on #6 Schoolhouse Rd., left on Baylies Rd., right on Dresser Hill Rd, pick up along the way to school.

Bay Path #16 Southbridge- Charlton 8-6-10
Start picking up at 6:40 a.m. on E. Baylies Rd in Charlton, p/u at Mckintyre Rd, travel to Village Dr in Southbridge, right on Ashland Ave., right on Woodstock Rd t/a @ Tipton Rock return on Woodstock Rd to pick up at Panda Garden and at Xtra Mart, picking up Worcester St (#’s 1-268), (Charlton St #’s 1-143 to walk to Lucy’s on Mechanic St.), travel to Berry Corner Road in Charlton, left on H. Foote Road turnaround and return to left on Berry Corner Road, right on #10 Schoolhouse Road picking up Sawmill Circle, right on Sampson Road, picking up Hill Road, right on Route 20 to school.

Bay Path #16 Southbridge-Charlton 8-5-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 a.m.at corner of South and Sayles St (Hospital Spa), stop at corner of Newell Ave (Art’s Spa), continue on South St, stop along the way , left on Old South Rd, right onto Dennison Drive, right on Dennison Lane t/a at Dennison Crossroads, right on Dennison Drive, left on Parkwood Lane, left on Dennison Hill Road, left on Ridge Road, right on Dennison Drive, continue straight across to West St to School.

Bay Path #17 Spencer Updated 8-2-10
Start p/u @ 6:20 a.m. on South Spencer Rd, near Flagg Rd in Spencer, right on Rte 9, left on Old West Main St., right on Meadow Rd., p/u at School St, left on Smithville Rd, right on Woodside Rd, left on North Brookfield Rd, right on Kittredge Rd, Brooks Pond Road and Dowgielewicz Dr. to meet at corner of Kittredge and Northwest, right on Northwest Road, left on Rte 31, right on Hastings Rd, left on Wire Village Rd, right on Gold Nugget Rd, left on Paxton Rd, turnaround in Lambs Grove Rd, Straight on Paxton Rd, left on Donnelly Rd, right on E. Main Street, picking up at Dairy Queen, Lake St and Grove St to school.

Bay Path #18 Charlton 8-2-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 a.m. on Hollywood and Vine t/a right on Osgood t/a at Maple St, right on Brookfield Rd. t/a/ at Michael’s Garage, left on Fitzgerald Rd, right on N. Sturbridge Rd to Cranberry Meadow t/a at Highland Drive, (Briarcliffe in Spencer to walk to Highland Dr in Charlton) return to left on N. Sturbridge, left on City Depot Rd, left on New Spencer Rd p/u at Old Spencer Rd turnaround, left on H.K. Davis Road, left on Jones Road p/u #62 return to straight on City Depot Rd, right on Rte 20, left on Mayberry Lne, left on Strawberry Lane, right on Rte 20, p/u at Gillespie Rd, right on Masonic Hill Rd, straight across to Old Worcester Rd, right to Morton Station Rd to school.

Bay Path #19 8-2-10
Start p/u @ 6:40 a.m. on Bacon Hill Rd stop at E. Charlton Rd and Borkum Rd, continue to Buteau Rd p/u Wilson Ave t/a return to right on Chickering Rd, left on Greenville St p/u at c/o Kingsbury Rd, right on Main St t/a at Spencer Courthouse p/u #399 E Main St., left on Rte 31 stopping at Cherry St., Prospect St., Howe Rd., Cranberry Meadow Rd to school,

Bay Path #220 Rutland 8-2-10
Start p/u @ 6:15 a.m. on Maple St in Rutland, left on Emerald Rd, right on Walnut St., right on Kenwood Drive, left on Rte 56, left on Rte 122A, right on Rte 56 picking up along the way, left on Rte 68 p/u River Rd, turnaround, return South on Rte 68, right on Glenwood Rd, picking up along the way, left on Rte 122A, right on Nancy Dr, left on Blair Dr, right on Beechwood Dr, left on Blueberry La, right on Prescott St., left on Maple St (Rte 56) pick up 326 Richard’s Ave (Rte 56) Paxton, pick up at Leicester Center Town Hall to school.

Bay Path #21 Dudley-Charlton 8-5-10
Start picking up at 6:30 a.m. on Perryville Road, Dudley, pick up Josiah Blvd, Carpenter Road, left on New Boston Road, p/u val Go Way, Brookstone Dr, return to Schofield Ave (#’s 38 +) left on Brandon Road pick up side streets right on West Main Street, pick up: Central Ave, Rite Aid Pharmacy, left on Oxford Ave. Pick up Chestnut Street, left on Pine St p/u Green St, left on Mill Street, right on West Main Street pick up: Conant Ave (Sanborn to walk out) right on Mason Road picking up along the way, straight on Mason Road Ext. pick up Cardinal Dr, Graee Lane to walk out, right on Hayden Pond Road pick up Sunrise Shores, left on Pier Point pick up Cottage Road and Noble Street, straight on Lelandville Road (#113-118) pick up Beach Road, left on Potter Village Road, Right on Partridge Hill Road Ext. To School

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