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Webster Parochial Schools will open August 27,2008. The bus routes are as follows:

Starts picking up at 7:10AM to Thompson Rd. to Sand Dam Rd., onto Indian Inn Rd., So. Shore Rd./Jackson Rd., Colonial Rd., Indian Inn Rd., Elaine St., Lillian Ave., Bonnette Ave., Happy Tree Ln., Thompson Rd. @Point Breeze Rd., Point Pleasant to Union Pt., Treasure Island Condos (turnaround) Lake Parkway, Brandes Ave., Klebart Ave./Crosby St., Westwood Rd., Cushing Rd, to Kelly Erin Rd., Overlook Ave., Linda St., Hickory Ln./West Hollow Rd. - Brookside Ave., Westview Dr., onto Perryville Rd., Ash St., (turnaround at Trailer Park) School St. @Stephen Dr., Grenier Ave., Gia Ln., Batten St., Malden Dr., Applebee/School St., to Parochial Schools.

Starts picking up at 7:10A.M at Birch Island (Barry Equipment) to Rt. 16, Lower Gore Rd., Wawela Rd., Lakeside Ave., Cambell St., Sunny Ave., Sunny @Henry St., Sunny Ave.@Lakeside, Wakefield, Hall Road, Bates Point @ Henry Rd., Hall Rd., Wakefield, Lower Gore Rd., Upper Gore Rd. (turn around town line), Blueberry Hill (to top), Upper Gore Rd., Rt. 16, turn around @ Auto Salvage to Parochial Schools.

Starts picking up at 7:00A.M. to Bigelow Road/Genevieve Dr., Riverside Dr., Old Worcester Rd., Tanner Rd., Victoria Dr., Nancy Dr., Cudworth Rd., Kingsbury Rd., Oakwood Dr., Pinewood Rd., Sutton Rd., Douglas Line, Sutton Rd., Camille Rd., Cudworth Rd., to Killdeer Island, Lower Gore Rd., Scenic Ave., Gore Rd. to Parochial Schools.

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