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Webster Public Schools will open Tuesday, August 26, 2008 for students in Grades 1 through 12. Kindergarten will start on Tuesday, September 2th. The bus routes are as follows:
PARK AVE SCHOOL (Hot Pink Numbers)

BUS #1
Starts picking up at 7:25 AM. to Birch Island Rd., (Barry Equipment) to Lake St., Negus St.@Sunnyside Store Negus @Fifth Ave., Church St., Myrtle Ave., @ Brookline, Park St., Elm St., Boyden St., Valley St., George St., First St., Third St., Poland St., Lake Parkway, Crosby, cross School St. to Cushing Rd., Kelly Erin Ln., Hickory Ln., Westview, Brookside Ave., Perryville Rd. to Ash St., Richard Ave. to School @Stephen Dr., to Park Ave. School.

BUS #2
Starts picking up at 7:30A.M. Slater St. to Upland, Village Way, Slater St.@Crystal St., Racicot@Vecchia St., DiDonato Ave., Hartley St. Worcester Rd., Pinehurst Dr., Victoria Dr., Nancy Dr., Cudworth@Tanner Rd., Cudworth Rd., Pinewood @ Chestnut, Sutton Rd., Camille, Minebrook to Park Ave. School.

BUS #3
Starts picking up at 7:35A.M. Lake Parkway, Rodio Rd., Cross School St., @Reibe Ave., @Rainville, Grenier@Gia Ln., Batten St./Malden Dr., Harvard St., Highland St., Klebart Ave., School@Fifth St., First St., Boyden St., Park St., Barnes St., Main St.@ Union, Main St.,@ Subway to Park Ave. School.

BUS #4
Starts picking up at 7:35A.M. to Kosmos St., to Lake St., Sibley Ave., Greystone Ave., Emerald Ave., Stefaniak Ave., Robinson, takes left onto Spring St., Lyndale St. to Harris St.,left onto Lake St., stops @ Granite St., Prospect St., onto So. Main St., East Main St., Prospect St., Whitcomb St., Lincoln St., Deslaurier Ave., Morris St., up Cody St., onto Nelson St., to Park Avenue School.

BUS #5
Starts picking up at 7:20A.M. to East Main @ Brodeur Ave., Wakefield, No. Main St., @Church Ct., @Wall St., @Upland Ave., @Railroad, @Market St., to Bigelow Rd.@Genevieve Ln., @Riverside Dr., to Old Worcester Rd., Dragon Rd., Worcester Rd. to Killdeer Island, @So. Shore Rd., Sandy Cove Rd., Cross St to Rt. 16 to Upper Gore Rd., Thompson Rd., @Second Island Rd., Hillside Ave., to Park Ave. School

BUS #6
Starts picking up at 7:15A.M. to Lower Gore Rd., Pebble Beach, Scenic Ave., Lower Gore Rd., Lakeside Ave., Wakefield, Hall Rd., LeBoeuf Ln., Bates Point Circle, Henry St., Wakefield/Mark, Lakeside, Freeman Ave., Henry Rd., Bernard St., Sunny Ave., Lakeside Ave., Sunny Ave., Konkel Ave., Lakeside Ave., Lower Gore., Lower Gore Rd. Ext/Mount Daniels Rd., Upper Gore Rd., Blueberry Hill, Upper Gore Rd., Lower Gore/Community Rd., Gore Rd./West end Rawson Rd. to Park Avenue School.

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