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BUS #1
Starts picking up at 7:25AM to Thompson Road, Marina Apartments, McGovern Lane, So. Shore Rd./Jackson Rd., Indian Inn Road, Elaine St., Point Pleasant, Treasure Island/Union Point, Lake Parkway, School St.Brookside, West Hollow, Westview Drive, Brookside Ave., Perryville Rd., Ash St., turn around Richardís Trailer Park, School St.Stephen Dr., Grenier Ave., Batten@Malden, Grenier Ave., RainvilleHarvard St., Crown St. Barnes St. to Middle School

BUS #2
Starts picking up at 7:00A.M. - East Main St., Granite St.,Lincoln St,. Thompson Rd., Birch Island@Beacon Apts., Second Island Rd., Thompson Rd./Pond Ct., Worcester Rd.@Hartley St., Pinehurst, Victoria Dr., Nancy Dr., Cudworth@Tanner, Kingsbury@Oakwood, Kingsbury@Pinewood, Sutton Rd. @ Camille, Ronnie Road,
Minebrook to Middle School

BUS #3
Starts picking up at 7:15A.M. - Pebble Beach/Lower Gore Rd., Scenic Ave., Lakeside Ave.@Jeffrey,
Wakefield, Hall Rd.Bates Point Rd., Hall Rd.Wakefield, Lakeside@Freemen Ave., Freeman@Henry,
Freeman@Humes, Freeman@Wyman, Lower Gore, Upper Gore Rd.@Mikes Way, Upper Gore Rd., onto Blueberry to top and back downUpperGore@Lepine, Gore Gable Drive, Rawson Road to Middle School.

BUS #4
Starts picking up at 7:25A.M. Slater St.@Dentist Office , Upland Ave., Brodeur Ave., Brodeur Ave./Upland Ave., Vecchia, Vecchia@Upland Ave., Crystal@Slater St., Slater St., Normandy & Slater St., No. Main @ Mill St., Bigelow Rd., Genevieve Ln., Riverside Drive, Old Worcester Rd., stop @Old Worcester Rd., Dragon, onto Rt. 12, Killdeer Island @Cross Ct., Beacon Rd., Douglas Rd., at Salvage Auto Douglas Rd. to turnaround, to Middle School

BUS #5
Starts picking up at 7:15AM Main St. @First Federal Bank, No. Main St. @ Wall St., Upland Ave., Village Way, Market St., Slater St. to Middle School

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