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Pakachoag and Mary D. Stone School Bus Routes
Bus 6
Faith Ave & Sibley St
Hill St & Prospect St
Prospect St & Sunnyside Rd
Prospect St & Eddy St
Prospect St & Phoenix Rd
Prospect St & Old Meetinghouse Rd
Prospect St & Appleton Rd
Prospect St & Kelly St
Prospect St & Linden Ln
Prospect St & Booth Rd
89 Appleton Rd
85 Appleton Rd
67/69 Appleton Rd
37 Appleton Rd
Mary D. Stone School
Pakachoag School

Bus 7
Sharon Ave & Meadow St
Central St & Windsor Ave
South St & Barbara Ave
South St & Winchester Ave
School St & Westchester Dr
Rt 20 & Saint Mark St
Old Common Rd & Pondville Ct
81 Old Common Rd
85 Old Common Rd
South St & Paul St
South St & Loring St
Mary D. Stone School
Arrowhead Ave & Mount View Ave
Pakachoag School

Bus 8
237 Millbury St
247/248 Millbury St
Oak Hill Housing
Rt 20 & Upper Windbrook Dr
Bancroft St & Tuck Farm Rd
Rice Rd & Goddard Dr
Goddard Dr & Pakachoag St
Pakachoag St & Hilton Ave
Pakachoag St & Curtis St
Upland St & Saybrook Way
Upland St & Thayer Ave
Upland Gardens Dr & Spofford Rd
Pakachoag School
Mary D. Stone School

Bus 9
Elmwood St & Glenview Rd
Jerome Ave & Willis St
Preston Ave & Hampton St
Hampton St & Aurilla St
Hampton St & Malvern Rd
Pakachoag St & Erica Ln
Pakachoag St & Matnick Cir
Manor Rd & Summerhill Rd
Pakachoag St & Jerome Ave
Jerome Ave & Hillside St
Pickering St & Packachoag St
Pakachoag St & Ward St
Pakachoag School
Pakachoag St & Harrison Ave
Mount View Ave & Arrowhead Ave
Ridgewood Dr & Saratoga Rd
Mary D. Stone School

Bus 10
595 Oxford St S
611 Oxford St S
650 Oxford St S
Oxford St S & Coachman Ln
785 Oxford St S
802 Oxford St St
833 Oxford St S
Cedar St & Maywood Cir
18/20 Barnes St
31 Barnes St
Barnes St & Deer Track Rd
Barnes St & Gilbert Way
351 South St
432 South St
310 South St
South St & Jacobs Way
228 South St
220 South St
135 South St
120 South St
South St & Stone St
Stone St & Coolidge St
Elm St & Brook St
Pakachoag St & Pakachoag Crossing
Pakachoag St & Burnap St
Pakachoag St & Maple Dr
Pakachoag St & Harrison Ave
Mary D. Stone School
Ridgewood Dr & Saratoga Rd
Pakachoag School

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