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Julia Bancroft and Bryn Mawr School Bus Routes
Bus 1
Woodland Rd & Rockaway Rd
Woodland Rd & Forest Dr
Woodland Rd & Boyce St
Alden St & Sumner St
Chestnut Ave & June St
White Terrace & Oxford St N
Oxford St N & Hanna Dr
Oxford St N & Otis St
Marilyn Dr & Lincoln St
Oxford St N & Boyce St
Julia Bancroft School
Oxford St N & Zabelle Ave Oxford St N & Williams St Bryn Mawr School

Bus 2
Sword St & Boyce St
Boyce St & Shirley St
Boyce St & Wellman St
Clark St & Chestnut Ave
Rochdale St & Marie St
Burnett St & Magna Vista Dr
Burnett St & Old Colony Rd
Lorna Dr & Sara Dr
Wallace Ave & Bylund Ave
Wallace Ave & Berlin St
Julia Bancroft School
Bryn Mawr School

Bus 3
Bryn Mawr Ave & Eastford Rd
Bryn Mawr Ave & Park St
Pheasant Ct & AYFS
Highland St & Wethered St
Rockland Rd & Rockland Rd Ct
Rockland Rd & Oakwood Ave
Rockland Rd & Idlewood Dr
Auburn St & Main St
Rochdale St & Dale Ave
436 Leicester St
443 Leicester St
447 Leicester St
Stafford St & Elmwood Ave
Bryn Mawr School
Julia Bancroft

Bus 4
Jay St & Murray Ave
Bryn Mawr Ave & Wentworth Dr
230 Leicester St
238 Leicester St
262 Leicester St
300 Leicester St
319 Leicester St
333/335 Leicester St
356 Leicester St
308 Rochdale St
314 Rochdale St
390/392 Rochdale St
403 Rochdale St
Rochdale St & Crowl Hill Rd
433/435 Rochdale St
441 Rochdale St
506/508 Rochdale St
514/515 Rochdale St
526/528 Rochdale St
Rochdale St & Ashworth Dr
191 West St
133 West St
81 West St
22 West St
Bryn Mawr School
Julia Bancroft School

Bus 5
Rt 12 US 20 & Tinker Hill Rd
Tinker Hill Rd & Blaker St
Sherman Ave & Elbridge Rd
Sherman Ave & Waterman Rd
Oxford St N & Melba Ave
Merriam St & Bryn Mawr Ave
Oxford St N & Inwood Rd
Oxford St N & Ashcroft St
Bryn Mawr School
Oxford St N & Homestead Ave
Oxford St N & Green St
Oxford St N & Walnut St
Oxford St N & Williams St
Oxford St N & Vincent St
Julia Bancroft School

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