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Bus #1 Stallion Hill 6:45, corner of Douty Rd./Leadmine 6:48, Finlay Rd. 6:50,
Holland Rd. 6:53, Streeter Rd. 6:55, Heritage Green 7:00, Main St.
148 to Brimfield line.

Bus #2 Route 131 6:40, Old Sturbridge Rd 6:45, McGregory Rd., Down Fiske Hill
To 131, Fairview Park Rd., Willard Rd

Bus#3 Podunk Rd.6:43, starting @ Hayloft Steppers end, Hall Rd.6:55, the
Common (Chamberlain, Maple, Jaimeson,

Bus #4 Brookfield Rd.6:40, Clark Rd. 6:53, Lauren Lane, Collette
Rd., corner of Tannery, corner of Camp Rd., North Dr.7:03 Trail Rd. 7: 05

Bus #5 Sturbridge Hills 6:45, Main St to Shepard Rd. Shepard Rd. 6:50,
Hillside Dr. 7:00 to Wallace Rd.

Bus#6 Cedar St. (top of Cedar) 6:40, Down Cedar St. Westwood Dr. 6:54, Woodside Circle 7:00

Bus#7 Shattuck Rd.6:38, Mashapaug Rd. 6:40, Curboy Rd. South Rd. 6:50, River Rd
6:55, Farquar Rd. 7:00,

Bus #8 Whittamore Rd. 6:30, McGuilpin Rd. 6:35, top of Fiske Hill to Old Farm
Rd., Fiske Hill Rd 7:00

Bus #9 Breakneck Rd. 6:35, Leadmine Rd., South 6:50, Holland Rd 7:05

Bus #10 Arnold Rd. 6:40, Country Hill 6:55, Cricket 7:00, Snell St 7:02

Bus #11 New Boston Rd. 6:35,( starting @ Hamilton Rd. ) Allen Rd. 6:55 Mildred Circle

Bus #12 New Boston Road.6:40, Glenridge Road. 6:45, continue New Boston Road.
(All side Roads up to Hamilton Rd.) Hamilton Rd.

Bus #13 Old Village 6:43, Walker Pond Road.6:45, Wells State Park Rd. 6:48, Wood
lawn.6:50, Walker Pond Rd. 6:55, Rte. 20; Fairgrounds Rd and all Streets off
Rte. 20 to Brookfield Rd.

Bus #14 Brookfield Rd 6:50, Glendale Rd. 7:06 to Paradise Lane, Old Town way,
Corner of Brooke Hill 7:12


BUS #6 Top of Fiske Hill from route 20, Route 131 to Farquar Rd., River Rd,
Mashapaug Rd. down Route 15.

Bus #4 Down Brookfield Rd. to Holland Rd. to Finlay Rd. Leadmine (north) to
Stallion Hill Rd.

Bus # 10 Route 20 from Cedar St. to Route 131 to Hall Rd. To Walker Pond Rd. to
Podunk Rd

Bus #14 Route 20 to Cedar St.; Cedar St. to Hamilton Rd; New Boston Rd. to end.
Allen Rd. Turn around at Tantasqua Shore Rd. New Boston Rd. to Route 20

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