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Free sampling campaign ends for the News

June 07, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — The Southbridge Evening News today ends its free sampling campaign.

Today's edition is the last free paper you will receive.

The Friday Weekend Edition was mailed free to all Southbridge homes for six weeks, May 4 through June 8.

From now on, a Friday-only subscription will cost $12 a year. Offering Friday only subscriptions is new in the daily paper's 89-year history.

Also, the regular Monday through Friday subscription price was cut from $120 to $60 a year.

People can still subscribe to either the daily for $60 a year or the Friday-only edition for $12 a year by filling out and returning the postcard inserted into the back of today's paper. Return postcards were inserted into all the sample papers for the past six Fridays.

On newsstands, the single copy price of the paper was trimmed from 60 cents to 50 cents per copy, and that too will remain in effect.

To subscribe or extend your subscription, fill out the postcard inserted in the back of this issue. Or, call 508-764-4325 during regular business hours. This offer ends Monday, June 18.

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