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Southbridge refunds 118 trash fines

Landlords upset about how program runs

Landlord William Jones, standing, addresses Monday’s meeting of the Landlords’ Association. Health Director James Morin, trash program enforcement consultant Eric Jacobson, and (not visible from this angle) Recycling Coordinator Kim Grant listened from the table at right. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
May 09, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — If you got ticketed for a first-time trash violation, you might already have received good news in the mail.

According to Health Director James Morin, 118 such residents will get refunds of their fines and/or letters this week informing them they don't have to pay if they haven't yet had hearings. That does not apply to 30 or so multiple-ticket recipients, who are still on the hook for the second or later fines.

Morin was speaking to a civil but upset gathering of about 30 members of the Landlords' Association Monday evening, May 7. He noted afterward the number of fines represents a tiny fraction of the roughly 6,300 households getting trash service.

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