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'Stuck in the middle'

Handling trash tickets not an easy task

May 02, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — Noting she was conducting appeal hearings at the time of the heated April 19 trash forum, Nghi Lam said she never got a chance to defend herself regarding her handling of "21D" ticket hearings.

In most cases since February regarding trash tickets (and for the last few years regarding several other kinds of bylaw violation fines), Lam noted people have been "very reasonable," and she has often offered to reduce fines, particularly on first violations.

"Some were really upset until you explain it to them, then they understand the town has to do what the town has to do," she recalled. "... I know [how they feel] because I'm a landlord myself and it's difficult to get your tenants to cooperate."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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