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Sewer bill raises eyebrows

Resident gets abatement for anomalous charge

April 15, 2012
STURBRIDGE — The Board of Selectmen discussed a confusing and aberrant situation surrounding a resident's water and sewer bill at its meeting on Tuesday, April 10, voting to issue her a 50 percent abatement on the abnormally high bill.

Diane Ward, of Old Farm Road, could not explain how her October 2011 bill was considerably higher than usual, nor could the DPW director, who said there was nothing mechanically wrong with the meter. Ward was asked to pay her bill regardless of the anomaly, but she instead appealed the ruling before a sympathetic board, which dealt with a similar situation involving the Publick House in 2010.

Chairman Thomas Creamer cited the precedent established by the board's decision involving the Publick House — which also received a 50 percent abatement — as playing an important role in his position on this issue. Selectmen Priscilla Gimas, Mary Dowling, and Mary Redetzke agreed with Creamer and voted 4-1 to grant the abatement.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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