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Warm weather placing local turtles at risk

'They're a slow-moving species in fast-moving world'

Since 2009 the Turtle Rescue League has saved more than 1,000 turtles, like this one, through rehabbing them at their Webster sanctuary. (click for larger version)
April 08, 2012
CHARLTON — The warm springtime weather that gets us all out of the house has the same effect on the area's turtle population, but also puts them in serious danger.

"It's the riskiest time of year for them," said president and founder of the Turtle Rescue League Alexxia Bell. "They are out looking for mates and places to lay their eggs, and anytime a turtle comes out from underwater, it's exposed to a lot of threats."

According to her people are chief among those hazards, often unknowingly putting one through our simple lack of knowledge.

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