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Volunteer stream assessors wanted

Statewide project aims to rate little bridges

A good example of a narrow, older culvert. this crossing in the woods of Southbridge shows some signs of having become partially blocked over the years. The River and Stream Continuity Project is seeking volunteers to identify, map and rate the conditions of such places to determine which ones would have the biggest impact on wildlife, water quality, human safety and other issues. (click for larger version)
March 11, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — By now, everybody's heard of the deteriorating condition of America's bridges and the risk they pose to traffic.

But only rarely does anyone consider their impact on the rivers they cross or the non-human species that use them.

A statewide effort called the River and Stream Continuity Project is seeking volunteers to help correct that oversight, by documenting and promoting the repair of the thousands of outdated, often forgotten, small crossings all around us.

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