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Confusion with state slowly clearing?

School plan manager sees forward motion

March 01, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — In the eyes of the state-assigned manager for the school district's accelerated improvement plan, The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's earlier criticism was unfair and "failed to acknowledge" the fact the state has been essentially experimenting on Southbridge.

Michael Guinan, tasked with designing a plan by which Southbridge can meet state goals to, hopefully, pull it out of "underperforming" status said months of his interaction with DESE's accountability officials have been marked by confusion and misunderstanding. He attributed the trouble to both an office that may be "stuck on the theory of planning" without including the local context and people, and to a "creative tension" over an "innovative" program that's still being worked out.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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