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'Take the money out of the process … and put people back in'

Movement forming to oppose corporate power

Several attendees of Monday’s forum at Clark University stand in line to ask questions. Most seemed to support the basic idea of reining in corporate power, but several had concerns about specific impacts and approaches. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
February 01, 2012
WORCESTER — By now, almost everyone who follows politics to some degree has heard of the 2009 Citizens United decision, by which the Supreme Court struck down federal limits on corporate spending on political campaigns.

In its wake, there has been a growing effort to roll back that and previous changes, one that surfaced recently with several Congressional bills aimed at amending the Constitution to eliminate "corporate personhood" and/or to explicitly declare that Congress does have the power to limit the money flowing through political coffers.

On Monday, dozens of supporters — and a few opponents — of that effort from across the region gathered at Clark University to learn more about what it actually means.

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