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Planning Board says farewell to Hultgren

Bill Hultgren, who recently retired from the Planning Board after more than four decades, shows off some his woodworking crafts on display in his Charlton living room. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
January 17, 2012
CHARLTON — Bill Hultgren has traveled the globe, but still he said there's nothing quite like his hometown.

"There's not much I enjoy more than coming home to good old Charlton," he said. "Traveling just lets me look at it with different eyes."

Indeed, in the decades he's lived in Charlton, Hultgren has seen the town through many different lenses. He's been the town's tree warden, cemetery commissioner, Historical Commission president, among other offices and memberships. Without a doubt, his tireless service in all different facets has made a mark on Charlton, but Hultgren thinks he's made the most difference by being part of the Planning Board, a position he held for more than four decades and retired from last week. Town officials said his knowledge of the town will be impossible to match on the board.

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