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Sewing smiles

Pillowcase project bringing joy to cancer patients

Charlton Sewing Center owner Cathy Racine sews a pillowcase that will soon brighten up the hospital room of a child battling cancer. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
January 09, 2012
CHARLTON — There's an old adage that says, "the little things are the big things."

Cindy Racine knows there's truth to this. For her, the simple act of stitching together a pillowcase becomes a much bigger deed when she flips through a book of pictures of pediatric cancer patients snoozing on their "special" pillows.

"It just really hits you when see the pictures," said Racine, owner of the Charlton Sewing Center. In less than three years she has donated nearly 400 pillowcases, all sewn by the center's staff and customers, to ConKerr Cancer, an organization that delivers cheerful pillowcases to sick children in hospitals across the country through their program "A Case For Smiles." For many of the patients – who are cooped up in a sterile, white-walled hospital wards – the pillowcases are literally the bright spot in their day.

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