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Town pursuing Graywoods funds

Several local subdivisions under scrutiny

January 08, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — After talking about it for months and getting nowhere, the Planning Board has the figures necessary to demand the owner of the incomplete Graywoods Estates pay up.

"If they don't do anything, they have to give us this money and [DPW Director Thomas] Daley will do [the work]," said Economic Development Director Cassandra Acly. "... This is what he's saying he wants to see, and if nothing further ever happens, we'd be left with a finished road."

She's referring to a list of work necessary to make the incomplete subdivision off Dennison Drive complete, at least from Daley's perspective. Originally, the plans called for the road to be a complete loop called Harwood Farm Road, but only one segment even has the base coat of pavement. It would need to be repaved, resurveyed to create a formal circular cul-de-sac that can allow fire trucks to turn around, and have a variety of other work done. Daley's total cost estimate came to just over $285,000.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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