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Davis aims for 'a sharper and more professional look' at cable station

Pledges to stay out of town politics

Barry Davis weathers the chill to shoot footage of last month’s wreath laying at the Honor Roll monument. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
January 04, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although he plans to change the name to "Southbridge Community TV," the town's new cable director Barry Davis has every intention of promoting the fact it's all about public access.

"I don't have to have 200 community producers [right now]," Davis said. "If I have just five or six, a handful to start with, word of mouth keeps it going."

Technically, he's still a "temporary" director, and a part-timer to boot, but he's setting things in motion with the intent of still being here for the long haul. Starting about six weeks ago as part of town cable's reorganization, Davis is still learning who's who in the community, and has already started tapping people to be his volunteer leaders in covering certain aspects of the community, including Latino issues, entertainment, and the like.

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