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Residents share New Year hopes and fears

Locals predict major change in year ahead

January 04, 2012
SOUTHBRIDGE — Random conversation with people in Main Street businesses Monday, Jan. 2, revealed local folks have a fairly wary view of the coming year, with mixed opinions on its economic, political and other prospects.

One thing that came up, though, might give the president a bit of worry, as some predicted a Republican would take the White House.

One of those was Jerry Lockwood, who spoke while fixing a drum at LaSalle Music. Noting he's not particularly favorable to either Democrats or Republicans, Lockwood said he feels recent increases in prescription co-pay costs for those on federal Medicare and welfare programs will force poorer Americans to choose between medicine, rent, food and heat, ultimately resulting in higher costs for health care overall as some get sick. Such increases, he argues, hurt people while benefiting only the pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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