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Town awarded tornado tree, roadwork money

Brookside Road, Charlton, Worcester streets considered

The denuded part of the hill paralleling Charlton Street, as seen from Commercial Drive. This section was logged, but a section farther south (off the right side of this image) remains in ruins. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
December 22, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Plans are afoot to get some roadwork done and trees planted in the tornado-hit areas of town, probably this coming spring.

Although the relevant issues were expressed before the cameras at Monday's Town Council meeting, the process has been in progress for some time. Last week, the state released $14 million in tornado funds, of which $3.9 million were designated for road repairs. Some of the rest went to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which is using some for grants to plant new trees.

"We're still determining how you get it," said State Rep. Peter Durant. "We'll inquire to see how we can modify what roads these can be used on."

He's referring to the fact Southbridge's $150,000 share of the first grant is technically dedicated for work on Pleasant Street and the airport access road. But several people at Monday's meeting — citizens and councilors — said they'd like to see some funds for Brookside Road, Charlton Street and Worcester Street.

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