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Six months later, rebuilding continues

'The devastation reminds us of the tornado every day'

Tornado survivors are seeing their new houses nearly completed six months after the disaster. A new house being built for Steven Bush and JoAnn Kass at 51 Paige Hill Road. Kevin Flanders. (click for larger version)
December 14, 2011
BRIMFIELD — More than six months after the tornado ripped through town on June 1, several residents are in the process of repairing their homes or constructing new ones.

And even though the tornado is long gone, memories of its devastation remain fresh in the minds of those who survived it.

As residents slowly begin to return to normalcy, their neighborhoods serve as constant reminders of how lucky they are to be alive. New houses have sprouted up throughout the destruction areas, but miles of trees remain snapped and ruined — haunting vestiges of a landscape that was forever changed on June 1.

"Seeing the houses being rebuilt has been uplifting for us," said Steven Bush, who lives at 51 Paige Hill Road with JoAnn Kass. "The devastation reminds us of the tornado every day, but the rebuilding efforts have been great to see."

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