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CAAC seeks community involvement

'A lot of people in town don't even know it's here'

Local musician Eric Hart was one of the few musicians who came out for the CAAC’s open mic night last week. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
December 13, 2011
CHARLTON — Without a doubt, the Charlton Arts and Activities Center (CAAC) has come a long way in the near two years since they've opened, but activities council members who run the programs out the center worry that a lack of community involvement there is keeping it from reaching its full potential.

"A lot of people in town don't even know it's here," said Activities Council member and Pasture Prime Players co-founder Don Konopacki. According to him, the center's 4 Dresser Hill Road location can be easy to miss — the farmhouse and 19th century barns that make up the CAAC look almost residential. This posed a problem for the center's recent "music in the barn" series, in which various artists and bands performed free concerts for the public over the summer and fall. Konopacki said that while some of the shows were well attended – one drawing at least 40 concertgoers – most of the performances lacked a sizeable audience.

"Some people told me they wanted to come, but couldn't find the place," he said.

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