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Amid furor, Council approves single tax rate

December 07, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Anything regarding money is contentious in Southbridge, and the often-mundane process of deciding whether to have a single or split tax rate was no exception.

It did not look that way during the formal public hearing before Monday's Town Council meeting — then, not a soul spoke other than Assessor Wilfrid Cournoyer, who gave a very brief overview.

He described the purpose as not to officially set a tax rate (although, given the budget the town approved last spring, it does that in effect), but to determine whether all of the town's four property classifications would pay the same rate, or whether the burden should shift to fall more on commercial, industrial and personal property classes.

As in every previous year, the council voted for one classification, therefore essentially defining the tax this year to be $17.83 per $1,000. Last year's rate was $17.18, thus hiking the average home's tax $96.62 next year.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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