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Local tornado funds still available

People 'are really developing some resilience'

December 05, 2011
It has been available for a while, but a tornado relief fund created by Catholic Charities hasn't had the number of takers director Lisa Genest expected.

She wouldn't say exactly how much it holds, mostly to avoid creating a problem if unexpected needs come up it can't meet, but she said it's in the thousands. Much of it came from a grant from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation (GWCF), but several individuals and other groups have also contributed.

"It can really be spent for any tornado-related expense," she said. "We haven't had a lot of demand. After that first month [June], demand seemed to drop off."

In some cases, though, Genest noted tornado survivors came forward after either the August hurricane or October snowstorm, having hit their limits.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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