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Feeding the hungry becomes community effort

Students prove 'every little can counts'

For 10 years teachers Natalie Morris and Amy Bassett have led their students in an annual food drive to benefit Chip-In Food Pantry. (click for larger version)
November 22, 2011
CHARLTON — They may be the students, but Charlton Middle Schoolers have a lesson to teach the rest of us.

Demonstrating the power of community, the students proved this month that when it comes to giving back, it all adds up, when they collected nearly 4,000 food items to donate to Chip-In Food Pantry in just two weeks.

"That's huge — that's going to help a lot over the winter months," said Millennium Power administrative manager Jayne Vranos, who helps coordinate the annual food drive that her company sponsors. Vranos also volunteers at Chip-In, and sees firsthand how significant of a contribution students make to the pantry every year.

"The kids put in all this work, and they don't even realize what an impact they are making," she said. "I'm fortunate enough to get to see it. It's one of the nicest things that happens here in our community."

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