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'Thankful for the little things'

Charlton woman chronicles struggle, coping with MS

Charlton resident Kathy MacKenzie, here with husband Alex, daughter Maggie Rose and son Angus, share how living with a chronic illness does — and doesn’t — affect her life. (click for larger version)
November 17, 2011
CHARLTON — She's a wife, mom, municipal employee, and most recently, leader of her 7-year-old daughter's Brownies troop.

Of all the things that define Kathy MacKenzie, she said living with multiple sclerosis isn't one of them.

The mom of two was in her 30s when she was diagnosed with progressively debilitating disease in 2006. MacKenzie had just given birth to her son and her daughter was still a toddler when she began noticed changes in her vision and coordination.

"It was like someone just pulled a window shade down in my left eye," she said. "I had two babies to take care of. It was really scary."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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