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Towns renew focus on emergency preparedness

'Everyone should be prepared'

November 14, 2011
With many area towns having experienced a harsh winter last year, a tornado, a tropical storm, and a freak autumn snowstorm, residents are starting to take emergency preparedness a lot more seriously.

Those who don't already own a generator are certainly thinking about buying one after it took nearly a week for electricity to be restored in many locations. Even residents like Tracy Smith, of Sturbridge, who only lost power for two days, are contemplating bringing a generator into the fold.

"We have discussed buying a generator and trying to work it into our budget," Smith said. "It's definitely something we have considered after this latest storm."

"My sister has a generator and our family was thinking about going to her house, but luckily the lights came back on," said Rita Flores, of Southbridge, who lost power for less than two days and was already getting sick of wearing sweatshirts to bed.

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