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Holland continues to deal with power issues after storm

Wettlaufer on National Grid: 'An extremely frustrating situation'

November 06, 2011
HOLLAND — The recovery from last weekend's snowstorm has been a slow process, but the restoration of power in Holland has been especially sluggish, much to the displeasure of town officials.

About 95 percent of the town remained in the dark on Thursday, Nov. 3, as East Brimfield Road was the only area in town with electricity. Power at Town Hall still had not been restored, and several residents spent many nights at the Tantasqua Regional High School emergency shelter.

"I haven't seen a single truck from the power company in town over the last two days," said Board of Selectmen Chairman James Wettlaufer on Thursday. "Something is terribly amiss in this response, and it is very unsatisfactory."

Officials from National Grid pushed back the estimated date for the majority of customers to have power restored from Thursday to Friday. Many town officials and residents weren't buying it.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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