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'This hit us hard — harder than we ever expected'

Residents on Conlin Road couldn’t leave their home on Sunday after waking up to find a giant tree lying across their driveway. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
November 01, 2011
CHARLTON — Mike Bishop and Kathy Goddard consider themselves seasoned New Englanders.

Living in their Conlin Road home for nearly 30 years, they've braved blizzards, hardened hurricanes, and even withstood more than a week without power after an ice storm.

But nothing, they said, prepared for them for last Saturday's weather.

"This hit us hard — harder than we ever expected," said Bishop, as he set down his chainsaw on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 30, taking a break from a day of cutting up downed tree limbs that had fallen across his front yard. He pointed up his driveway to Goddard's SUV, parked haphazardly betweens trees and bushes.

"That slid down the hill last night," he said. "It's four-wheel-drive and I can't even get it out. We're going to have to cut down all the plants to move it."

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