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COMMENTARY: 'There are power lines down on every street'

Life takes a turn with power outage

A large tree finds itself tangled in wires, hovering over Route 198 in Southbridge. On Monday morning, commuters into town had to deal with the unpaved road that was littered with several such obstacles because of the weekend storm. Adam Minor. (click for larger version)
November 01, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Where were you when the flakes started flying?

The way this year's going, we all may be asking that question about many things — the tornado, Hurricane Irene, events yet to come this winter. For many people, it was a last minute scramble to get water or fuel — but, by the looks of the roads and the few open stores the next morning, Saturday's storm pretty much caught everyone by surprise.

I know my fiancée and I were among them — we expected an inch or two until lunchtime, when another customer at Elm Center said nearly a foot of wet, heavy snow was coming, and that power lines were likely to be down everywhere.

He was right.

As Southbridge police officer Brian Haggerty put it, "There are power lines down on every street." And that was Monday around 12 p.m., well after the sky had cleared and most blocked roads had been rendered passable again. In several places, the downed lines still sat on snow and pavement. In some zones, including Lebanon Hill Road and Alpine Drive, cars nonchalantly drove over them, curving around the trees that brought them down; in others, including Brentwood Drive and part of South Street, police cruisers blocked the road.

To read more, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

Janines Frostee
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