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Tornado group offers place to talk

'We've seen a lot of stressed people and are trying to help'

Although the scenery might shock someone who had not been there since June 1, Charlton Street is slowly pulling itself back together, with homeowners in various stages of repairing their properties. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
October 13, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — For tornado survivors who need an ear, Tuesday's only a few days away.

That's when the new Tornado Support Group devised by Harrington Street resident Stephanie DeMartino meets at the Community Center on Chestnut Street as an open discussion about anything people want to address.

Although her home wasn't hit, the June 1 twister literally crossed DeMartino's path home only moments after she got there. That day, after a colleague told her the storm was coming, she left work early because her children were home alone.

"I come home every day down Charlton Street," she said, recalling the hail that day. En route, she thought, "I'm under the trees … oh, wait, the trees aren't going to protect me."

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