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‘We have a lot of things on our plate’

Schools review Ely’s five-year plan

September 18, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — More than six years ago, the school system was essentially put on life support as an “underperforming” Level 4 district.

Today, it still bears that label, but is starting to walk where it once only crawled forward.

“Much progress has been made since then,” the overview of the district’s current five-year improvement plan reads. “The district currently has no level four schools and in fact only [two] level three schools remain (West Street and Wells Middle School).”

Last Tuesday, Superintendent Eric Ely gave the School Committee a look at where that plan stands one year into it. Some areas have almost all of their goals either complete or in progress, but some haven’t even been started yet.

“Our way of doing things is to teach kids where we want them to be,” he said. That’s instead of what he believes the old system was, which taught them at their current level and unintentionally caused them to keep falling behind because of “a lack of high expectations.”

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