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Rolling with the punches

Charlton couple adapting to life with Alzheimer's

Jayne Windham and Michael Forrest are learning to adapt after Forrest was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at just 55. Amanda Collins. (click for larger version)
September 14, 2011
CHARLTON — Jayne Windham had been married for only a few months when she started to notice her husband's behavior changing.

It was minor at first — Michael Forrest left doors open or forgot to do some of the little things he usually did around the house.

But when the lapses in memory cost Forrest his management job at a local utility company where he had worked for more than 20 years, Windham knew it was more than just forgetfulness.

"No one knew what was wrong yet. It was frustrating," said Windham.

Once Forrest began to have issues driving, Windham convinced him it was time to see a doctor. A few tests later they received the news: Forrest had early-onset visual variant Alzheimer's, a form of the progressively debilitating disease that causes vision and spatial issues. He was just 55 years old when he was diagnosed two years ago.

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