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Beaver trapping is on state agenda again

Bill proposes big changes to current limits

This beaver dam near the Thompson Family Forever Preserve in Southbridge is just one common example of the complexity possible from beaver engineering. Itís by no means the largest ó that honor goes to a beaver dam about 2,800 feet long in remote northern Alberta, Canada, first seen by satellite photos in 2007. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
May 25, 2011
CHARLTON — The same area that experienced a diesel fuel spill into Cady Brook last June saw another water issue last week.

But this one wasn't heading downstream. In fact, the issue came up because it wasn't going anywhere — the cause was a beaver dam.

According to Health Agent James Philbrook, the dam created a pond that overflowed a nearby well. As such, it created a risk of contamination, so he had the dam and its furry creator removed last Friday.

Before doing so, however, Philbrook said he looks into such complaints, and "if it's not justified [by a threat to health, a building or a road], I won't allow it."

"We have had some [beavers] who eliminated whole neighborhoods' backyards," but also get people complaining about issues that are not actually dangerous, he recalled.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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