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Town Council backs Daoust

'We all support the town clerk'

May 03, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — For the second straight Town Council meeting Monday, May 2, voting and all the recent hubbub that has gone along with it was the big talking point.

Vice Chairman Larry McDonald brought forward a motion for the council to agree on, which came in a written speech.

"In light of what has been going on in the press and what has been going on in regards to the town clerk's office, I submit the following resolution for the council to vote on tonight," said McDonald. "The Town Clerk serves a time-honored and vital function of local town government throughout the world and whereas the town clerk is the oldest office among public professions and serves as the link between the citizens and the local governing bodies and agencies of government at all levels."

McDonald went on to discuss that Town Clerk Madeline Daoust, her staff and the election workers have pledged to be as neutral and impartial as can be in their service to all.

"Daoust has filed the proper disclosures with the State Ethics Commission — we must recognize the role of the town clerk as keeper of official records and nexus of information for all functions of our local government, including the voting process," he said. "Superior Court Judge Richard Tucker found no wrongdoings of the town clerk, her staff or election workers during the recent court case. Be it resolved that the Southbridge Town Council by majority vote express our support and appreciation for the work of the town clerk, her staff and the election workers and further express our belief that they will faithfully execute their duty in the upcoming election."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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