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Health board opposes chloramines use, seeks public hearing

April 19, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — As the proposed start date looms for adding chloramines to the water supply, local residents were urging the Southbridge Board of Health to delay the process.

Last month, after a formal but generic presentation from Whitewater, the water system manager, the board voted against adding chloramines, but it's not clear how much authority they actually have to stop it. Last week, they voted to send a memo to the Town Council "to put the brakes on this" so the two boards could hold a joint meeting/public hearing and get more information.

"We haven't proven it's either [good or bad] because it was handed to us at the 11th hour," said member Rinaldo Bernardone.

At one point, Health Director James Morin even proposed sending the whole idea to a public "referendum."

"It's a point of contention throughout the town," he observed.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

Janines Frostee
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