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Hair for a higher purpose

Salon employees heavily involved in community service

The staff at Finally Lisa’s, who perform constant volunteer work throughout the year. Front row, Kim Bruce, Paula Mallozzi and Lauren Dubreuil. Back row, Diane Alicea, Lisa Hufault, owner Lisa Bodreau, Michelle Livernois and Lisa Joy. Not pictured, Carolyn Lane and Leah Cutler. (click for larger version)
April 17, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — If you wonder why you're suddenly seeing random pink streaks in people's otherwise naturally colored hair, here's why.

Finally Lisa's Salon, at 33 Hamilton St., is a drop off food site for Catholic Charities and has branched out to other methods of charitable fundraising.

"Next year is going to be my 25th year in business and we were looking for something to do with cancer," said Lisa Bodreau, owner of Finally Lisa's. "We volunteer a lot, we donate a lot. Some of the biggest volunteer work we do is with the Cancer Center at Harrington Hospital. So many of us have been affected by cancer, either personally, family, friends, someone. We were trying to think of what we could do within the business that was different, but would also raise awareness? Since pink for cancer is already universally marketed, why don't we jump on that? People will see it and maybe someone walking by you will see it in your hair and it will bring them hope. Someone will know you're aware."

For $20, a pink hair extension can be added, with half the money going toward a charity, often times the Cancer Center at Harrington.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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