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Students schooled in Earth Day knowledge

Grant drops by school to educate about recycling

Town Recycling Coordinator Kim Grant gave a presentation to Charlton Street School on Thursday, April 14 about the importance of recycling. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
April 17, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — To further educate students about Earth Day, Southbridge Recycling Coordinator Kim Grant was brought in to Charlton Street School Thursday morning, April 14, to discuss recycling with second and third graders.

Grant gave a PowerPoint presentation to determine how much the students already knew and to remind them on what can and can't be recycled in town.

"This is the first time I've come in to teach this age group of kids," said Grant. "I taught the YMCA pre-school with this presentation, but this is the first time with an older crowd. The kids were pretty informed and well behaved. It's a bit too much for the three and four-year-olds, but for five and up, it's perfect. I definitely invite other schools and organizations to invite me out to do this presentation."

Some of the information she presented was that Massachusetts uses 9,000 plastic bottles a minute and that Massachusetts also uses one million newspapers a week. One ton of paper recycled saves 17 trees.

Another one of the reasons she came to the schools was to present information about the Earth Day cleanup scheduled for this past Saturday, April 16.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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