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Closed Town Hall still a work in progress

Building has been closed for two years, no end in sight

The Brimfield Town Hall will be closed for an indefinite period of time, as construction work still needs to be done inside. Courtesy/Lee Wright. (click for larger version)
March 17, 2011
BRIMFIELD — As often demonstrated by roadwork assignments that wind up taking years to complete, construction projects can often be indefinite endeavors.

Brimfield residents are currently witnessing a project with an undetermined completion date, as work at Town Hall remains ongoing.

The building was closed in March of 2009 due to structural deficiencies, including problems with supports in the roof. Although a new metal support was added and other work took place, Building Commissioner Harold Leaming said the building is not ready for public use. Sections of the ceiling and floors had to be taken out by work crews in order to place the metal support, and the building will not meet fire codes until they are replaced.

"There is no timeline or expected date for the project to be completed," Leaming said. "We still need to have discussions with the architect, and more work needs to be done before we can set any dates for the building to open."

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