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The green team at West Street

Principal pushing student involvement

West Street School Title 1 teacher Maureen Farrey helps student Shawn Lind on Wednesday, March 16. Students and teachers were encouraged to wear green, although Farrey dresses flamboyantly each year. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
March 17, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — To set the mood for St. Patrick's Day, students and faculty at West Street School were encouraged to wear green on Wednesday, March 16.

The faculty and staff had a greater turnout, but a fair amount of students took part.

The teacher that got most into the spirit by leaps and bounds was Title 1 teacher Maureen Farrey. Dressed head to toe in green, she went as far as to dawn an Irish flag sash, wool beanie, green elf shoes and even shamrock glasses.

"I've been dressing up on St. Patrick's Day ever since I came to Southbridge," said Farrey. "My grandmother and great-grandparents were born in Ireland. I first dressed up like this in elementary school and it has grown from there. In college, I convinced many others to dress up as well. When I started teaching, it just naturally happened."

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