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In the spirit of St. Patrick

Morrissey proud of Irish heritage

Jacob Edwards Library Director Margaret Morrissey, a native of Cork, Ireland, proudly displays her heritage with her shamrock badge. A shamrock on a lapel is a large tradition in Ireland and Morrissey has displayed much information of her homeland in the library for many years during March. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
March 17, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Margaret Morrissey is here to set the St. Patrick's Day story straight.

The Cork, Ireland-born director of the Jacob Edwards Library has been fortunate enough to see the secular Ireland side and the Boston parade and drinking side of the day.

"The day became a secular holiday in Ireland in 1903," explained Morrissey, who immigrated to America in 1986. "The banks and government offices aren't open and a good amount of people go to Mass that day. The origin is Catholic, but has spilled over into other religions celebrating the day too. It's nice to think that everyone celebrates the day and goes to parades in Ireland as well."

Morrissey joked that the parades in Massachusetts are "slightly-over-the-top" in comparison to those in Ireland. Parades in Ireland, in her approximation, are more to do with celebrating the day and outside and celebrating the upcoming spring. While they have their own parades, it's not done to the level that is done in Boston or Worcester.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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