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Spinelli reflects on 26-year Planning Board tenure

'Most people underrate the Planning Board'

Larry Spinelli resigned from the Planning Board after 26 years after winning the Town Council Special Election last month. (click for larger version)
March 06, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although he's switched from a member of the Planning Board to the newest Town Councilor, Larry Spinelli doesn't consider one to be more important than the other.

"Most people underrate the Planning Board considerably," said Spinelli on his fondness for his previous job. "If you think about it, almost all of the by-laws and everything that pertains to land management and use, zoning by-laws and subdivision rules and regulations all come from the Planning Board. The Town Council may pass the laws, but it is the Planning Board that creates those things."

Spinelli was a member of the Planning Board for 26 years before running for the councilor seat left vacated by the late Laurent E. McDonald. The Town Council seat was the first political office he had run for and said that he is honored and grateful to be given the opportunity to serve the town in this capacity.

"We just finished the Business Opportunities District," said Spinelli, on his last project with the Planning Board. "I know the board is getting busy with special permit applications, possibly some subdivisions within the next year seeking permits and there is work on some of the subdivisions that we have approved. There is concern with some of the roadways and some safety issues that need to be addressed. I know the Chairman [Paul St. Jean] wants to do work on rewriting or revising subdivision rules and regulations. That's a good-size project they might be looking at next."

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