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Harrington has Heart

Hospital raises awareness about cardiac disease

Cardiac Rehab Educator Lael Eaton and Cardiac Rehab Coordinator Judy Flannery celebrate Go Red Day on Friday, Feb. 4 at Harrington Hospital. February was Cardiac Care Month at the hospital. (click for larger version)
March 01, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — With women recently surpassing men in heart disease numbers, Harrington Hospital assigned February as its Cardiac Care Month, and focusing on women's heart health over the past month, the hospital raised awareness and money for the American Heart Association (ASA).

At the beginning of the month, Friday, Feb. 4 was "Go Red for Women Day," a nationwide celebrated day to raise awareness for women with heart disease. The Southbridge and Webster branches of Harrington Hospital promoted awareness to their employees and visitors by selling "Go Red" metal pins of red dresses, the national symbol for the cause. Cookbooks with heart-healthy recipes were distributed.

"Heart disease kills roughly 460,000 women a year," said RNBSN Judy Flannery, coordinator for Cardiac Rehab at Harrington. "That's nearly one per minute. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. One in 2.6 women die from cardiovascular disease. The odds aren't good."

Heart disease beats out cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer's disease as the leading causes of death.

What Flannery and the rest of the team at the Cardiac Care Center at Harrington stress the most is education about how to prevent heart disease.

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