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President's Day 'just another day' for local car dealers

Owners: Holiday is for bigger dealerships

According to Steve Brunelle, owner of Sturbridge Motors, only large car dealerships have been concerned with President’s Day as a large car-buying holiday. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
February 23, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — For years, car sales and President's Day have been synonymous.

For many local dealerships, it's just another day for selling cars.

"We were open Monday, but it was just another day, really, for us," said Flood Automotive employee Bryan Wilson. "We've never really done anything in the past for it. We can't mark our cars down any lower than what we have them at. We don't offer financing, so everything is all up front."

Flood has a fairly high turnover rate for the cars on their lot. Currently, six cars are for sale and five are available to rent. Although they rent and sell cars, all rental cars can be purchased. They've even gone as far as selling their shop truck to someone who gave them a good enough offer.

Even further proof that local car dealers aren't concerned with President's Day sales, Sturbridge Automotive went on vacation for a week starting Monday.

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