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New Boston Post Cane nominees sought

File photo Jennie Prunier receives Charlton’s Boston Post Cane in September 2008. The town is looking for the oldest living resident, who will be presented with the cane. (click for larger version)
February 22, 2011
CHARLTON — Got age, or know someone who does?

If that age has triple digits, Elaine Kingston wants to know.

Kingston, the Senior Center director, is coordinating the latest round of the occasional quest for a new recipient for the town's Boston Post Cane. Its most recent recipient, Jennie Prunier, died in December at age 104. She'd held it since 2008.

Town census records indicate nine Charltonians are centenarians, "but I don't know what the status of these people are," Kingston said.

Although that longevity may seem unusual, indications are showing it's becoming more and more common. According to the National Centenarian Awareness Project website, there were about 104,099 people older than 100 in the U.S. in October 2009, and that number's likely to quadruple by 2030. Other sources, however, use wildly different figures — Wikipedia, for example, links to hard-to-read Census data to show there are about 70,000.

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