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Bay Path science projects impress

Calculating displays take top prizes

Bay Path students Jeff Yetter, left, of Oxford, and Matt Oslowski, of Charlton, won first-place at the school’s science fair on Wednesday, Feb. 16, with their microprocessor. (click for larger version)
February 20, 2011
CHARLTON — Students in the electronics trade took the top two spots at the Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical Science Show Wednesday, Feb. 16.

Although many of the shops at the school take part in the show, the electronics shop has won the past three years when electronics instructor Scott Edwards has taken over.

"These students have been working on these projects since November," said Edwards. "And believe it or not, all of these projects really work."

Although the functions that the computer-related projects perform seem meager to even the most basic computer-savvy individual, they are the building blocks for all computer functions. Edwards joked that when the projects begin computing, it feels like 1955 technology when computers were the size of large rooms.

The second-place project by juniors Sarah Doherty, of Charlton and Erika Arsenault, of Southbridge, provides the functions of a basic calculator. Although it appears rudimentary, the girls demonstrated how a computer would process "3+5," making eight in binary code. More than 40 switches, LED lights and wires are present on their switchboard, which they called a temporary storage of data microprocessor, is slightly larger than a laptop.

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