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Spinelli claims Town Council seat

'Now I have to put up and show the town what I can do'

Larry Spinelli celebrates with his family after winning the Town Council Special Election Tuesday night, Feb. 15, at Alexander’s Golden Greek Restaurant. Back row, from left, daughter Erica Tetrault, son-in-law Scott Tetrault, grandson Denver Tetrault, Spinelli, wife Bonnie, daughter Lauren Boisvert, son-in-law Chris Pintarich, son-in-law Chris Boisvert and daughter Kaitlyn Pintarich. Kneeling, grandson Cam Boisvert and daughter Bonnie Spinelli. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
February 16, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — The voters have spoken.

Larry Spinelli defeated Gary Fontaine, 981-813, Tuesday, Feb. 15, to earn a seat on the Town Council in a special election.

With a 15 percent voter turnout, 1,804 of the town's 12,184 registered town voters punched their cards.

"I only have two words to say — I'm humbled," said Spinelli with a surprised look on his face as he celebrated his victory with family, friends and supporters at Alexander's Golden Greek Restaurant immediately following the close of the polls. "I really am. I wanted this, hoped for it, but in all honesty, Mr. Fontaine was a formidable opponent that was well known. I was always skeptical, but I think the people of Southbridge listened to what I had to say from my heart and they wanted this to go forward. If there is anything I can say by this, I am truly humbled. I really think I can do the town some good. I still can't believe that it happened, but now I have to put up and show the town what I can do."

The Town Council seat opened up after the death of Laurent E. McDonald last November. Fontaine served as the acting chief for the Southbridge Police Department for two years and was a lieutenant for 12 years. He retired from the police department in 2006 and currently works with the Worcester County Sheriff's Department on the Civil Process and Apprehension Unit.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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